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Destined for Valhalla
Thor's Assassin
Player: Thor's Assassin
Personal Data
Real Name: Mikel
Known Aliases: Assassin of Thor, Lord of Valhalla
Species: Immortal
Age: Approx 1300 years old
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 340lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Origin: Tech/Magic
Identity: Secret
Nationality: Norwegian
Occupation: N/A
Place of Birth: Ålesund, Norway
Base of Operations: Valhalla, Asgard
Marital Status: Soul linked to Niobjorg
Known Relatives: None

"TA" Thor's Assassin is a character created by M. Poe in 1980. As seen in Unreal Tournament,City of Heroes/Villains, Champions Online and SOE MMO DC Universe Online. On this page you will be able to learn about the character and his detailed history. You will also be able to find a gallery containing fan art collected from various talented artists through the years.

Over the years the character has changed in concept, story, visual appearance and the like. He was originally written out as a concept character for Star Wars in 1980. I had just saw Empire Strikes Back and was inspired for a character. I envisioned him with light sabers as Darth Vader's right hand man. I was 8 at the time so the whole concept was a bit flimsy, just what i had dreamed up at the time. Through the years video games came into the forefront of my mind with Nintendo and it had me rework him into a book that myself and my brother would work on called "The Black Knights". He became a normal kid going back in time to change history and imbued with Norse like powers. A chaotic neutral character type. In 1998 I played Unreal for the first time and was blown away!! I couldn't make the character look quite like i wanted him too but he had the name and the basic back story. I usually went by Headhunter back then. In 2004 my younger brother and I sat down with COH and thought up the design you see today with the backstory i had thought up years before. So the story goes on...

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Origin of Power by heozART.jpg
It is now known that in the beginning the God Lokie schemed a plot that spanned centuries. A plan that was to overthrow Thor for his rule in Valhalla and Ultimately Odin for the rule of Asgard. Playing the fool and doing their bidding he answered every call and did everything he was told. Humiliating tasks that included entertaining the masses with cheap tricks and amateur magic. Taking the insults and biding his time, the God plotted their demise.

First, to the base of the World Tree Yggdrasil in the realm of Asgard Lokie would travel seeking the words of the Great Norn of fate Urd. There he learned of the spell he and his daughter Hel was to make to unleash Fenrir and set about Ragnarok. The Goddess Vor and the God Forseti, upon arriving and overhearing the prophecy, interupted the meeting between the Norn and the Trickster. A great debate ensued between all those present. The three Norns Urd, Skuld and Verdandi, Lokie, The Goddess Vor and the God Forseti all debated and argued for days under the world tree.

Finally the logic of Ragnarok could not be contested any further as a necessity for the future of all worlds. Forseti and Vor agreed to the terms of the others so long as the ingredients could be gathered, Fenrir would be freed and the chance for Ragnarok given though by only five members at any one time. These five would be subjected to a curse and be bound to the shadows during the day and the light of the moon at night. They would suffer endlessly through their lives and never know satisfaction of any kind. So the pact was born.

"The Order of the Five" changed in it's various forms throughout the ages. Seeking out the ingredients needed and waiting for Lokie's call to Bifröst, the chosen five wait in the Shadows for the opportune time to strike.

Then to further his plot, in the year 665 AD the trickster would visit Mjöll and Gormr for the first time on the night of Mikel's conception. Holding his hand to the belly of Mjöll, he granted the life force great strength and regeneration of the flesh and organs. He would return 2 years later to the same village to further his deeds. On that night he visited Aldís who held a life force in her womb later to be named Niobjorg. To this child he granted the power to control energy. Finally he would return to Mjöll and Gormr and enter the belly of Mjöll taking the soul of her unborn child Kaolin. There he would bide his time and lay in wait for his plan to unfold. Returning to Asgard when he could and acting as Thor's adviser, fixing the God of Thunder's eyes on the Mortal Mikel.

"This mortals future and yours are intertwined my lord...." - Lokie to Thor on the day of Mikel's birth


The Origin of Thor's Assassin

Born Mikel in the year 665 AD to Mjöll and Gormr of Ålesund on the beautiful shores of Norway. Brother to Kaolin. From an early age his mother and father witnessed his gift of regeneration in the many falls and bites he received while shadowing his father. It was called "Lokie's gift" by his mother because the boy had no fear and would seek out danger to test the limits of this ability. Quickly learning the hunt the boy would disappear for days at a time only to return with month's worth of food. His bravery soon garnered attention from his younger brother and a young girl by the name of Niobjorg. Kaolin marveled at his older brothers strength, cunning and courage trying to emulate everything but with no success. The girl was strong willed herself and sought to prove she was as good as Mikel, carrying her
bow with her handmade arrows. The game was to see who could get the kill first, Mikel with his sword or Niobjorg with her arrows.

Overtime the three became close and would not be seen without each other. Sneaking onto the shore to witness the grand ceremony of the annual lottery against their parents wishes. Hearing the sacred words spoke by the elders to the calm sea. The flowers laid out and the fires stoked high as a signal for the coming serpent. They would wait through the night as the town slept for the great serpent to collect his prize, watching with wide eyes as the chosen sacrifice wriggled and screamed to the elders that placed them there. The pleas for mercy often cut off suddenly by the ripping noise and violent splash of water. The children would emerge from the wall after the beast returned to the water to collect trinkets that the village folk laid out as an honor to the fallen. Often they would sit around the great fire and tell stories and make promises that they would run away. Tell of dreams of far off places and tales of fortune and fame.

As time went on an army was formed in the village to ward off invading man and beast. Vikings who sought treasure and food. Beasts who sought shelter, food and warmth. Mikel at the age of 17 volunteered immediately to fight the enemies of the village. His younger brother quickly joined him. Though Niobjorg was forbidden to take up arms against man. She was forced to stay behind and cook, to clean and gather food for the village. This infuriated the young woman and led to her sneaking out more and more.

Three years would pass with Mikel learning from the older warriors. He would become a great scout and fierce combatant against animal and men. His gifts afforded him an advantage that no other man possessed and he used them to great affect in order to secure the villages peace and serenity. The small battles with neighboring villages were short and they became increasingly aware that the village of Fjoron was not one to be trifled with.

One afternoon when the sun was bright and hot, the small army of Fjoron trekked through the mountains. Word had been sent from miles around that there were Berserks making their way through the Fjord. The eldest of the village warriors decided it was best to surprise the invaders and meet them head on as they beached. Mikel would take the lead and run up ahead with Kaolin in tow. The most famous and recorded historical Norwegian fight happened hours after. It would later be hailed as "Battle at the Fjord". History tells of a lone warrior wielding two broad swords and wearing no armor, charging an army of berserks exiting 6 beached longboats. It
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is believed that his brother stood back in fear of his life and watched his brother jump into the middle of 60 or more men swinging his swords like a mad man. By the time the village army reached the shore, Mikel had slain them all. All save one. He sent this one away with a longboat to tell the tale and send his warning. This event is credited to the vikings going back into hiding. Only to re-emerge in 8th century Scandinavia. Mikel was war torn after this fight. Covered with blood and deep wounds to his skin. By the time the morning sun rose he was healed. Taking the longboats, they went back to their village and celebrated the victory.

Mikel was dubbed the leader of this small army and cheers of his name echoed throughout the village thereafter. During the festivities Mikel was rewarded the highest honor the village could give, he was made an elder at the age of 20. All the food was brought out, the sacred fires were lit and treasures of every type was laid at his feet. It was on this night that the love between Niobjorg and Mikel was realized. The two talked and danced and laughed the night away.

The years after would come to be the best years of his mortal life. Courting his childhood friend and leading the army into victory after victory. During this time he would use his status to try and eliminate the annual lottery. His argument was that the serpent could fall and that life was too precious to offer. His words fell on deaf and disbelieving ears however and the lottery persisted.

It was in his 28th year that his path would change forever. The time had come that year to chose a sacrifice to the great serpent. Names would be gathered for the eldest of the village to chose from. As fate would have it, the name he chose that year was that of Niobjorg. Mikel went into a rage, cursing the other elders and their ancient practice and vowing to sabotage the ceremony and end the madness. He was torn between his love for his people and his love for his beloved. So it came to the night of the serpent. Mikel and his brother sat in that same spot behind the wall listening to Nio's curses. The elders on this night did not sleep. The village was in turmoil over the uncertainty. "i will not let this happen Kaolin, this ends tonight!" Mikel said sternly to his younger brother who simply nodded in agreement. "Gather the men, we fight the great serpent to whatever end. Are you with me brother?" "...till the end..." He answered.

The call to battle was an easy one for the village warriors. They would die for Mikel if he willed it. They all gathered around the fjord, setting great fires to see by. The elders shouted their protest out to the night to no avail. At that, Mikel jumped the wall and ran at the old men guarding his beloved. His army behind him led into battle by his brother Kaolin. Just as Mikel raised his sword the waters moved fiercely, almost parting as the beast shown his face leaping at his target. Mikel managed to cut one chain that held Nio's arm as he lunged toward the huge serpent and the battle ensued. A stab at the serpents nose thwarted the fierce attack just as Kaolin called for the archers. The skies were showered with arrows striking the long massive body though that only took the attention off Mikel for a moment. With a quick thrust the mountains were struck by the beast, knocking massive amounts of archers off and down into the waiting rocks below. Through the cries and pleas of the village elders the battle raged on, the
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serpent easily dispatching leagues and leagues of the villages best archers and warriors.

Kaolin (Lokie seeing his opportunity), ran full out toward the thing that killed his brethren. Suddenly, with Mikel trying for a save, the serpent swooped in on Kaolin and swallowed him whole. At this Mikel went mad as he was known to do in battles. Blood drunk, blind rage, animalistic swings from his broadswords one after the other. It was an amazing site from the few who survived. The only known person strong enough to wield 2 broadswords facing certain death standing between Niobjorg and the great serpent. It was all for not in the end. The remaining men being inspired by their leader ran into the fray only to get eaten up one by one until all that was left was Mikel.

Lokie quickly went to Thor in Asgard and brought his attention to this great battle. "he's the one my lord....he fights for his love Niobjorg in the face of certain death, he will be a valuable asset to you here in Asgard...go to him and bring him home" Lokie's words were like a spell to the Thunder God as he called for his armor and Mjöllnir. "Midgard needs me..." The God spoke as he descended.

Meanwhile Mikel fought the serpent back over and over, knocking off teeth and losing one sword in the eye of the massive face striking at him. Suddenly a sidewards strike knocked the great warrior to the ground. With a great amount of force the ancient serpent snatched Mikel up by his knees and bit down hard, separating his legs from the rest of his body in a violent move. Mikel cried out to his beloved to run but she was still held by the chains on her right hand. His legs healing near the lost limbs, Mikel made several strikes toward the serpent as he backed up closer to Niobjorg. "I love you" He said to her. "I will always love you" She returned. Both sensing the end. Suddenly the winds howled and storm clouds rolled into the fjord from the heavens, A downward spiral or dark clouds spiraled toward the serpent with lightning surrounding it. It was the God Thor, who threw his hammer into the serpent so hard it rolled the great body over into the sea. The battle that ensued was grand indeed. Lightning striking the beast and striking through it. The mighty Mjöllnir making crushing blows to the flesh of the serpent over and over. The fight waged on and enabled Mikel to crawl to Niobjorg and release her, holding her as they watched. It would be their last moments together.

With a final mighty strike from his legendary hammer, Thor fell the great serpent. At that he swooped in and snatched up his prize. Mikel watched as his beloved Niobjorg grew smaller and smaller while he ascended in the arms of a God. She would live to an old age taking on the leadership of the village and creating a life devoid of violence, war and rituals. In his ascension the great warrior fell off to a deep sleep as the memories of Midgard were taken away. His story became a myth in the centuries that followed. Only remembered in tales made by mothers and fathers to their children...

"Into Valhalla"
The creation of Thor's Assassin, the great apprentice to Thor

The sleeping warrior. The chosen one. The defeated champion of Midgard lay in wait in the halls of Valhalla while the Gods spoke of him, while the trickster worked his scheme. "He fell because he had no armor my lord, give me your permission and i will have armor made for him. I will have legs made for him guided by my magic, a suit that affords him his position in Asgard as your apprentice" Lokie said unto Thor and the God of Thunder agreed. "His memory is cleared of Midgard, love and and deeds, he will make a great weapon for you against the great evils" Lokie said "He will indeed Lokie. Go now and do as i told you. Bring him to me when he is ready". Lokie smiled and bowed to his lord and set off in search of the blacksmiths that would do the deed.
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It was there he came to Eitri and Brokkr, the same ones that forged the great Mjöllnir for the God Thor. "Come to make another bet Lokie? We'll have your head this time for sure" Eitri chided. "No, this is not a bet as much as a command from the great Thor himself. He sent me on this quest and commands a suit of armor be made for his apprentice" Lokie said almost with laughter in his voice. " Apprentice you say? The Thunder God takes no apprentice, whats your play trickster?" Brokkr questioned. "Send your slaves to Thor himself if you don't believe me, but make it quick. Thor waits for no one" Lokie said offhandedly and left without another word. So it was that Eitri made the voyage himself into the realm of Valhalla and found the words from his lord "Lokies words are mine in this request Eitri, make haste" Eitri requested that he see the body that would wear this great armor then set off to work his magic with his brother Brokkr. The two would do as commanded, making legs for the apprentice and a full suit of armor made from the same material as Mjöllnir. Wires would be inset to carry the electrical current through the armor. Chest plate, thigh guards, arm plates, large gloves for harnessing electricity. Large boots to steady the apprentice. It was done. A hood was given along with a mask and eye guard. The apprentice would have no identity and serve only the great Thor himself. His face not to be seen. As the armor was placed on the sleeping body, Thor commanded the room be emptied and awoke the sleeping Champion of Midgard.

"Awake young soul, your story is not over" Thor commanded and it was so. He awoke to a palace made of gold with great columns rising toward the skies. Clouds skirting the edges of the floors and servants scurrying about doing their lords bidding. Laughter filling the halls from mens voices and a God standing over him. "You have been chosen to be a Champion of Midgard and the outer plains, to help me in my quests to rid the tyranny of evil throughout the realms, do you accept this charge?" The God spoke firmly and cautiously. "With my very soul" The apprentice replied as he rose. It was an easy acceptance for him, it's what every cell in his body told him he was without any proof or evidence. He was a protector of the innocent and guardian or free will and would set at any task given to achieve that. "come then, tonight we eat and rest, for tomorrow starts your training" The God spoke as he walked off and led the way.

For centuries thereafter The Apprentice would follow his lord and learn from him. Learning to harness the great life force of all living things and environments. Using that life force to dispatch his target. The lightning itself beckoned to him on his quests with the Great God through the realms, even to the outer reaches, the great nothing where he helped Thor down the great desert worm. Task after task he followed his lord into battle marveling at his new found gifts and using his old ones. When he was cut, he would heal. His strength was beyond reproach, heaving boulders toward targets and then shooting electricity towards his enemy. He was a powerful force and highly regarded in the halls of Valhalla. Though he was never given a name, never given an identity. He would only be regarded as "The Apprentice" in conversations.

Thor's Assassin by Grimbro.jpg

Then one day he was sent alone to such tasks. Using the skills he learned and the ones that were natural to him. He carried Broadswords into battle and used a staff to guide his way. He was given the gift of flight by the God Heimdall to speed his journey. The promise of becoming an Aesir was his driving force. To be accepted among the Gods as one of their own. He followed the commands of Thor and did the work of a God happily. Sometimes getting help from the God Lokie who he had become fast friends with. Lokie was familiar to him, like a lost relative that is always there in times of great need. Lokie would warn him of the politics that go on in Valhalla. That Odin watches from afar and is suspicious of the apprentices deeds. Lokie would speak of Thor's laziness and that he was taking all the credit for the Apprentices accomplishments. Though the armored right hand of Thor would take such things as tales that his friend told him to keep him company. A jester entertaining his audience. He couldn't subscribe to such things. "Tricks and schemes are not the work of Gods Lokie, those are left to beings in Midgard" he would retort to a smiling Lokie. "You'll see that i am right brother, you'll see"

Great battles were waged by The Apprentice in Thor's name. The 3 headed Goliath was a formidable foe. The dragon of the 7th gulch tested his powers and limits of his regeneration. The Underlord gave him quite a scare in the mountains of the abyss. Though his greatest test was when he encountered the Lioness of the deep in the realm of the nothing. The fight went on for days and his only saving grace was Lokies words encouraging him to continue. On his return the Gods would raise in celebration and hail Thor as the great God. Leaving The Apprentice to tend to his wounds and regenerate his soul. This was common for his return and the words from Lokie all that time ago started to have merit.

Lokie would play at the ear of his lord as well. Whispering ideas of treachery and deceit from his Apprentice. Thoughts of the young soul growing more powerful and that the words of the mortals fall to him now more then the Thunder God himself. "I fear a plot is underway my lord, he has the mind of a mortal even though he swims with the Gods" Lokie would whisper to the God. "Best to send him away to learn loyalty and to learn his place among the Gods" Lokie would continue. Over the years he was able to plant these thoughts in the mind of the great God Thor as well as Odin who could console Thor in the wee hours. On into the night in the great palace the two would contemplate on what to do and a decision was made....
"Back to Midgard he will go, to a land full of turmoil, Paragon City"

Paragon City Birthplace of a hero.gif

The great descent and the Legends Of Justice

Falling....falling.....falling....... The pressure of the wind was overbearing and hard to hear even his own thoughts as he plunged toward the blue/green planet. Thoughts of betrayal and Lokies words running through his head, The Apprentice plummeted toward Earth. Was this another task set before him? Was he being banished? He couldn't tell from the tone is his masters voice. All he could do was ponder the questions as he felt forced downwards. His flight not working for him, like a heavy hand pushing him downwards and directing his body. "Lokie? Are you there?" He called out against the wind. Though no answer would return. "Master? My lord, what have i done to offend you? What is your plan for me? Where do i journey to?" Again he called out with his questions though his voice was lost in the wind. His broadswords had fallen from him during the descent and his staff was long gone from him. All he could do is wallow in self doubt. Waiting for something solid to stop the fall..

Descending by Imagesbyalex.jpg
Down below a huge battle was in progress. A band of super humans were fighting off the onslaught of the invading aliens. A small band of such people were gathered near where the Mother ship landed crashing to the earth. Armies and armies of what they called 'Rikti' poured from the ship attacking the city. This small band of heroes was to hold off the enemy until the rest of Paragon's elite came to join. The fight was growing fierce. Gamble, one of the leaders of the small group called out the commands to the others. Deadrites, the robotic entity swung his axe wildly at the aliens running into the legions haphazardly. Gorene set up long range blasts from the back of the group. Digital End, competing with the rogue robot Deadrites, went in after him. Rowan held back and healed the group, tending to their wounds. Lokie was there as well, a co-leader of this small group, using his illusions to command several pets to fight the foes off. Using his mental spectral ability to strike fear in the invading aliens. The fight grew in size as ships landed and other heroes joined the zone. In the middle of the fight Gamble saw a falling figure unlike the aliens and more human like, fall through a ship blowing it up and making it crash to the ground, he saw the figure fall with a loud boom as it hit the ground as well. The sound was so abrupt that i got the attention of Lokie as well who knew full well what it was. The two heroes went after the site of the bodies fall to investigate.

Fighting through hordes of Rikti, they finally reached the site of the landing. Inside a huge crater the saw an armored figure. Dressed in blue and black, he was an imposing figure. Was he friend or foe? Gamble thought as he went down into the crater. The Apprentice awoke with an abruptness and looked around. Gamble was the first he saw. "Well hey there fella, looks like that was a pretty nasty fall buddy, you OK?" He asked The Apprentice with an outstretched arm. Lokie stood just behind him in plain sight of the fallen one which immediately comforted him. "Lokie? Is that you?" He stammered "It is my old friend, it seems i won the race!" He laughed while Gamble attempted to help him to his feet. "So you two know each other?" Gamble asked then continued "What is your name friend?". He thought for a moment as he pondered the question, no one had ever cared to know his name and it occurred to him that he was never given one. "Thor's Assassin" He answered quickly trying to think of something appropriate. "Thor's Assassin huh?" Gamble answered in a chuckle "Well welcome to Paragon City TA!" he said with a smile and patted him on the back. Gamble getting his awareness back started off toward his small group of friends leaving Lokie with their new found friend.

"Lokie where are we and whats going on?" TA asked "This is where we have been banished too brother, a place called Paragon City. Here we are surrounded by war walls intended to keep the super powered humans and villains contained to a certain area. Though i doubt the walls can hold us. This small group is a good sort, friendly and obliging, a group that i have helped gather. Just follow my lead. Come, lets help in the fight!" "but i have so many questions Lok..." TA started but was interrupted "we can go over all that later, for now, we fight". Gathering himself, TA followed his comrade into battle using his gift of electricity to help the unit bring down the foes. Blasting at them next to Gorene and Row from far away. "Why do we fight these beings?" Ta asked the allies nearest him while blasting "Because they mean our world harm, now target the big one over there, we are making progress" Gorene answered as swarms of heroes flocked out of the gate led by one called Statesman. "To victory!!" He bellowed. The numbers had started to shift in the heroes favor as the small group of heroes planted themselves against the wall. Slowly the alien threat was thwarted and huge celebration began on the field. Heroes, super humans and the like gathered in a huge crowd to hear their leader call out the all clear. The zone was destroyed however. The fight had been going for a while before TA fell to earth and this zone was the last threat. Once the celebration was over the field cleared. Thor's Assassin followed Lokie until they were back inside a large base of some sort.

"Now listen brother i know you have a lot of questions but we are stranded here i assure you. Thor wants the fame for himself. He has gotten rid of you like i have
TA and Sass by CelticBolt.jpg
been warning you about. These people are good people though and we will fit in here well. Hold back on your powers though, these superheroes as they are called here are very powerful yet they are no match for Gods such as us" Lokie started out. "What will we do here?" Asked TA. "There is a system for super beings here, we'll follow it. Help them fight villainy where it lurks and bide our time until the heavens open up and we can return, treat it like a vacation my friend. Life should be easy for us here" "What is this place we are at now though? A building of some sort?" "This is t..." Lokie started to answer but was interrupted "Welcome to the base of operations for our little Super group. We call ourselves The Legends of Justice. You would make a great fit to the team if you're interested my friend! What do ya say?" Asked Gamble "I'm in, where do i start?" TA answered taking Lokies advice "Tomorrow i will take ya down to registration and introduce you to Ms Liberty. She handles all superhuman start ups" "Start ups? But i cou..." TA started out but was interrupted by his friend "That would be great Gam, thanks for the offer"

"Great then welcome to LOJ TA!" He said happily as he walked off.

The next day Gamble did as he said he would. Showing Thor's Assassin around and introducing him to the important contacts. Over the next years there would be many contacts, many tasks and important assignments he would go on. Many plots revealed and enemies found throughout the city. The robotic entity called Deadrites was a great pairing to Thor's Assassin. The combination of his axe and invulnerability matched well with TA's ranged attacks and two became good friends. The group as a whole would fight many battles together. The award "Hero of the City" held for the highest honor in Paragon would be handed to TA some 13 times over the years. Enemies ranging from simple thugs to super beings, all no match for the powers of an immortal.

During a mission another heroine joined the group. Through one of her contacts and by fate, she was thrown in paired with members of LOJ. Her name was SassMonster and was certainly full of Sass. There was an instant bond between the two. Something deep within the two of them that was connected. As if they were lovers in another life. They became inseparable. Not even Lokie himself could take TA's attention off her with his mind tricks. They fell fast in love. She was an Empath with the power to manipulate electricity not unlike that of TA. He would often ask her if Thor granted her this ability to which she would laugh and tease back "No baby, i was born with this". They spent their time away from fighting sitting in fields talking about life experiences and flying to the far reaches of the planet. TA could bring her through the walls and show her a world she never knew. A world full of beauty and great things to discover. A world of humans going about their lives unaware of the evil that lurks around them. "This is why i was born" Sass would tell him "To make their lives better" to which TA would always respond "You deserve better as well my love".

It was SassMonster that persuaded him to reveal his face for the first time. To reveal to her what he looked like behind the mask and hood, behind the visor. His hair was long and brown, his eyes blue with a shaved face unlike before. This pleased him greatly and he began going without his armor more and more, wearing simply pants and a trench coat with no shirt. The air on his skin was a drug to him. The fact that she looked into his eyes and saw him for who he was amazed him and he delighted in it. He was truly happy for the first time that he could remember. He was in love and people knew him, saw him, related to him, loved him back.

Origin of the Staff of Power

On a mission of great importance, Statesman himself asked TA to go alone. "Nemesis is at it again TA, we need you to shut him down for good. I can promise you that he'll be at this warehouse though it needs to be a mission that you go on alone. They'll be expecting a large group and he may get away from us yet again. Can you handle this?" "I have been after Nemesis himself for a long time States. It would be my honor to rid you of this vermin" TA said firmly in response gathering the location and documents up. "

Thor's Assassin would take no chances on this outing. Suiting up in his mystical armor and heading off to the location. Upon arrival the first thing he noticed was how abandoned it looked. As if it was deserted though he knew better. Once inside he saw the steam punk engines surrounding the inner walls and copper lines covered the facade into a make shift palace of some sort. Hearing the first gun go off from a lone sniper showed him they knew he was here and drones began piling in. Wave after wave dispatched at the hands of TA until no more came. Once around the wall he was shot twice by sharpshooters in the chest. Unfazed by them he quickly took two long shots killing them each. The sounds of engines grew louder as he approached the makeshift throne room where Nemesis awaits.

Nemesis Staff Origin by HPS.jpg

"I've been waiting for you Thor's Assassin" A voice echoed through the halls and continued "I hear tales of the great Thor's Assassin all the way back in the Rogue Isles, you've made quite an impression in a city where super beings are abundant but that all ends now, you've found your end". TA then yelled back as he approached then entered the Throne Room "Your reputation is that of a coward Nemesis, if your going to run, now is the time!" Suddenly the Archvillain raised his Nemesis Staff and threw energy at Thor's Assassin though to no avail. The energy was absorbed by the suit. "Is that the best you have?" TA snapped as he sent 5 large streams of lightning at the large imposing figure. Also to no avail. "Steam is a great resource don't you think?" Nemesis smirked as TA rushed him.

The fight would rage on, Nemesis getting the upper hand, diving in with strong blows. The electric having no effect on the copper one, TA finally went into a fit of rage. Losing his mental capacity to think. Some would call him a Berserk at that moment. Like all those centuries before. He could think of nothing but violence, dismemberment, death. Leaping on the copper giant and tearing at his wires recklessly. Nemesis managed to throw him off a few times only to get the same in return each try. Thor's Assassin ripped at the copper pipes, lines, frame and face of his enemy decimating his opponent who finally fell in a heap of steam at the feet of his adversary. It was over.

Still crazed the hero lunged at the arm and hand of Nemesis and grabbed the staff. Pulling so hard he severed the hand from the limp body and retrieved his prize. Instantly he felt the surge, the power held inside the totem. Power that surged through his core like a sweeping storm. Something had changed and would never be the same again, he became all the more powerful.

In the time after he would gain powers at a monumental speed, eventually calling upon the weather to do his bidding. He could manipulate electricity like never before and even turn himself into electricity and sweep through the skies. He was a Master of electricity in all forms now with the strength of a thousand men. A force that would bring Dark Recluse to his knees months later. Bring true peace to Paragon City through sheer brutal force. The word was out that TA was untouchable and all villains quaked at the mention of his name. Heroes and citizens hailed him as the "greatest hero of our time". He finally found the peace he sought and could spend a lifetime with his Sass.

Descent into Darkness.gif

"Coming Home" and the Tricksters plot revealed

"Coming Home" by Jomaro Kindred.jpg
It had been 20 years for Lokie and The Apprentice since coming to Paragon. TA had come to call this place home whereas Lokie still schemed and plotted to overtake Valhalla. Moving back and forth between Midgard and Asgard reporting to Thor about his apprentice. Then returning to Midgard to further convince TA that there was a plan to destroy him and take Sass away from him. Thor's Assassin dismissed them as stories and folktales once again. His love for Sass was all he needed to convince him things were right. "he's going to take us home soon Mikel" Lokie whispered in TA's ear as they finished a mission. "what did you call me?" "Here, let me show you" Lokie replied holding his hand to TA's forehead. All his memories of his past life were returned in an instant. He could see Niobjorg getting smaller, feel the serpents breath on his face, see the men coming off the ship, watch his brother emulate him. All returned in a flash. "what is this you show me? Some kind of trick?" TA replied with wide eyes "No, this is your memories before he took them from you my friend. Memories of a love lost, the reason your legs are gone from you, the moment he snatched your life from her" Lokie said with hate in his voice. A final effort by him to convince his powerful ally that Thor is evil. "now that you have found an identity and a life for yourself and are in love Mikel, he plans to take it all away again" "Mikel? That is my real name isn't it? Yes....i remember now...He life.....away...." TA stammered "He will again if you let him. Though you're possibly strong enough to stop him this time. The power source feeds immense power into you. It's as much a part of you now as Mjöllnir is for him, are you willing to do what must be done?" Asked Lokie as he continued "He calls for us home, it happens soon. Say your goodbyes if you must" TA was surprised at his revelation, Lokie was right all along. He would lose her again if he didn't stop it. But he couldn't, he wouldn't let him take it all away again. Just at that very moment Sass walked towards TA and she seemed to be moving in slow motion, time stood still and blurred the lines between the worlds. TA could see Sassy and reached for her though he could see the columns of Valhalla blurred and becoming more clear behind her. The more blurred she got the more clear Valhalla became until there was no more Paragon and the steps lay before him. He was back in Valhalla and Thor awaited him on the top of the steps behind him.

Thor turned upon seeing his Apprentice emerge with Lokie and walked into the Halls of Valhalla. Hearing the screams as he walked toward his throne. Thor's Assassin was lost in his emotions with Lokie fast at his ear "I told you he would do this, he means to enslave you for eternity, you must stop this now my friend. It end tonight!" "Yes....yes it ends here one way or another..You're right have been right all along...Leave me now for i have to do what must be done" TA said as he walked the long stairs to the Halls above him. Lokie then set off for his devious task "Ragnarok comes early Odin the great" Lokie whispered as he went to beckon his son Fenrir, the wolf-god. Odin would die in this fight at the hands of Fenrir and if TA was up to task, Lokie would soon control Asgard!

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TA opened the door with a loud crash screaming Thor's name "YOU WILL NOT TAKE HER FROM ME AGAIN!!" he screamed walking with his staff toward the throne. "You speak mad things my apprentice, what has Lokie been poisoning your mind with now?" questioned Thor "Lokie has made me see the truth and i know now what your plans are for me. I have my memories back that you stole from me!" TA said fiercely "You must listen to me n.." Thor started but was interrupted by his apprentice "No, it ends tonight, i will have her now and forever and you cannot take her from me again!!" "So be it, you have come for a fight, you will get one!" Thor retorted as lightning struck through the open space behind him and hit TA square in the chest knocking back and onto the floor. Thor's Assassin quickly shot back with a wave of his staff hitting the Throne and shattering the stone beneath Thor. Making Thor gather himself, the battle was on. Grabbing his mighty hammer Thor charged TA swiftly but was cut off by a sharp bolt of lightning knocking the great God back into the marble floor. Thor's Assassin walked intently toward the hole near the throne when Thor jumped out of it and threw Mjöllnir at his apprentice. To his surprise TA caught the legendary weapon and threw it back to it's owner, crashing him in the chest and knocking the wind from his lungs in one fail sweep. "Do you yield oh Great God of Thunder?" TA said with venom and visions of Sass and Niobjorg getting farther away from him. "I yield to no one boy" Thor managed as he rallied into movement. "To the end then" Thor's Assassin murmured waving the staff and shooting a bolt again though missing Thor this time. The battle waged on destroying the halls of Valhalla. On and on, one attack meeting the next. Thor was losing his strength and could not raise his hands to fight any longer. That didn't stop TA and his rage, he would see it to the end. "Do you yield?" The Apprentice would ask repeatedly but the answer each time was no. Swing after swing of his staff, Thor's Assassin beat his once mentor. Thor was able to kick the assassin off him but his attempt
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at retaliation was futile. TA had him pinned.

Reaching down, the apprentice ripped the pair of special iron gloves off of Thor one by one beating him all along. Then ripping off his belt Megingjord so he could no longer wield his famed hammer. Picking the God up, he threw him across the halls and through rows of stone seats finally into a wall. The fight continued like this for hours, the emotion driving TA to whatever end. Finally Lokie entered the great hall and threw a huge snake tooth toward TA who caught it. "do what has to be done brother" Lokie said as TA plunged the fang deep into Thor's chest.

While standing over his fallen mentor TA began to calm and heard the final words of the Thunder God like a spear through his heart "Odin has fallen...Asgard is doomed.....a fine weapon Lokie has created....may your love for Niobjorg save ..........As..gar...dddd"

In this moment Thor's Assassin realized what truly had taken place, he wept for the loss of his mentor. The trickster Lokie saw the opening and used his powers of mental manipulation to instill heart ache, loss, deprivation, disparity, emptiness into TA. The Apprentice began screaming ripping at his armor ferociously. Screaming his apologies to the heavens as his form and shape changed. The blue of his armor changed to red. His mask and face changed to a skull with the moth half sewn shut. The souls of Valhalla gathered around as well as the tortured souls of hel to witness the transformation. The cackling from Lokie could be heard throughout Asgard as TA slowly took the form and banished himself to hel. "My daughter will take great care of! Hahahaha" Lokie laughed uncontrollable as his plot was revealed and his schemes paid off. "Goodbye old friend" Lokie said one last time as the Apprentice was carried downwards...

Hel, Revenge and the Rogue Isles

Moans, cries, pleas, evil soaked this place. Tortured souls swimming in the seas of fire. The Apprentice lay in wait for whatever was to come to him. He deserved it. His life was for naught. All was lost. His Niobjorg was gone, His Sass was in Midgard, his mentor slain at his own hands. Despair and mentally lost he lay there motionless waiting for the fire to cleanse him of his wrongs. The evil daughter of Lokie ruled this realm and had plans for this one. Hel was her name and she cackled like her father did moments ago. Ordering her minions to "Put this one with the line of forever haunted lovelies. This one will burn forever within his own soul" She would take pleasure in his torture. An immortal to play with for eternity. It was almost too goo to be true.

A young soul approached the Apprentice and questioned "why are you here? You are not marked as a citizen of Hel, have you chosen this fate?" No answer from the lifeless body came so she continued "you can leave this place if you will it. Revenge? Maybe love is what you could live for? why have you chosen this of all things. You do not belong here!!" Receiving no answer she continued to say louder each time "you do not belong here!!" over and over. Then the other voices rose up to join her "YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE!!". Though he would not respond. Letting himself be carried throughout the realm and subjected to whatever torture. He would endure. Under the knife he went. Cut open from neck to scrotum, his organs set in fire but he did not cry out once, he didn't fight it, he didn't move. Once his wounds healed the evil Hel was elated. "Ooooh a regen!! Makes torture so much better.....we'll have fun with you Mikel. Oh yes..."

Device after device was used on his body though he would not react. He would only lay there with his thoughts. Torturing himself with the emotions. Under the guillotine he went. It would move every 3 minutes to cut through a different spot on his body. Each blow a fatal one for any other soul, any other body but not his. He endured it for weeks.

Assassin of Thor Triple input.jpg

Finally the young soul returned to him and began to talk. Sneaking into the chamber she was amazed at the being who chose this. She talked of hope, of love, of cravings, of her family. On and on she went remembering everything she had taken for granted in her life. Seemingly talking to a corpse she continued as if he were listening to her. This went on for days and nights, weeks and months with no sound from the Apprentice. Until one day he spoke. "Why do you linger so? Leave me be" "You do talk eh? So whats your name strange one?" She asked and again no response. "What? You don't have a name? Mines Elina" "You can call me The Assassin of Thor" he touted and then turned his head away. "So that is an odd name, sounds more like a title to me. Is that why you are here, you kill someone?" "something like that, leave me be" He said but she wouldn't let up. "I can do this forever ya know? Seeing as we have that long" she sarcastically spat at the body being cut over and over again. One day she got through to him, he started talking and unleashing his story onto her. From the beginning to the end and why he came to be in Hel. He went over all of it over and over with her. Anguishing through every detail and remembering every event perfectly in his head.

"Your story is not over old one" She said offhandedly to him. This struck a cord in him. He remembered these words spoken to him by his mentor all those centuries ago. "Awake young soul, your story is not over". He repeated these words verbally over and over to the point where she thought he had lost his mind completely. "My story will continue Elina. Lokie will have his day in here by force. I will get my revenge" He said almost trying to convince himself "How will you enter Valhalla old one?" She asked him to which he had no answer except to say " I will shake the very foundations of Midgard itself until he answers my call! I take my leave of this place". With that he broke the ties that held him and crushed the guillotine with a single blow turning it to dust. "If i could join your quest i would" she said sadly as he placed his hand on her shoulder. "You will" her soul entered his chest as he walked out into the great vastness of Hel. The lake of fire burned with souls and the mindless ones walking to no destination. "You will all come with me!!" He shouted as he took in soul after tortured soul. "You will fight for me when called! Do my bidding when i call for you!" Hel, upon seeing this ran towards Aot but he was already ascending. "come back here Mikel, your soul is mine!!" she yelled out from the ground near the lake. "No Lady Hel, you will answer to me!" he retorted holding his hand out and retrieving her soul as he ascended. He had become a dark being, powerful like no other and his will was unbreakable. He would bring down Lokie if it was while taking his last breath.

The earth beneath the Rogue Isles shook violently. The skies burned red with fierce tornadoes descending on the city, strong winds and fatal lightning strikes every half second. The ground glowed a bright orangish red and out of the depths emerged a God-Like figure. Unleashing Hel literally upon earth he commanded then "kill for me, destroy for me! Bring me Lokies head!"

Through all the years of fighting the Rogue Isles and Paragon City had witnessed no attack like this one. Villains and heroes alike would fall to the minions of Aot and even at the hands of the Soul Collector himself. Buildings fell at a wave of his hand, the elements bent under his call. He made a path through the Rogue Isles right into the heart of Paragon City. Bringing the city of Talos to rubble calling out for Lokie over and over. Heroes and citizens that once chanted his name fell
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at the hands of his minions. The heroes of Paragon City would make a last stand though. Gathering their resources and banding together. It would come to be known as "The final stand of Freedom Phalanx". A war that would see several of the heroes fall in battle. Statesman falling to a swing of Aot's mighty hand, soon after Synapse, Ms Liberty and Positron. The war came down to Many of TA's closest friends. Led on by Lokie and Gamble, Lokie saw this as his only way to defeat the great Apprentice. The proud and courageous Legend of Justice stood against him in their final moments. The war raged on...

In the heat of battle Lokie and his enemy would face off finally. The moment that Aot was waiting for. Revenge. "Your deeds are marked in the annals of time Trickster, you meet your end on this field!" "Your such an easy target Mikel! I should have killed you the night of your conception!" Lokie rared back as the two locked up in battle. Lokie was no match physically for Aot. He fought with anger, overwhelming anger towards his foe. Such that Lokie could not rely on his greatest ability, that to manipulate the minds of his victims. The Assassin of Thor reveled in the destruction of his foe, taking pleasure in torturing him with sharp bolts of lightning and dark miasma sucking his life force from him. "To Hel with you Lokie, where you belong. Alone to swim in the lake forever!" The Soul Collector yelled as Lokies daughters soul struck a fatal blow. Looking surprised he looked at Tthe Apprentice with wide eyes "you turned her against me?" "she does my bidding now foul one!" Assassin of Thor responded and quickly after reaching through the chest of Lokie, gathering his soul and turning his body to dust.

The war was lost to the small band of heroes now as they gathered around the immortal. Deadrites leaped in the air for a blow to The Assassin of Thor at the same time a dark soul took a final blow to an empath healer. The scream from The Apprentice knocked everyone within a mile back hundreds of feet. The fallen Empath was none other then SassMonster. His beloved. He held her in his arms cradled on his lap while the heroes collected themselves for the final fight. The minions of the wretched Apprentice screamed in agony with their Master as they disappeared. She was dying from the blow and no amount of healing would cure her. Gamble and Deadrites ran to her aid but were blown back from an outstretched hand of the Assassin. "Shes mine!! YOU WILL NOT TAKE HER FROM ME!!!" he shrieked. Again repeating the words he said to Thor in their battle.

Her last words was in shock as she realized what held her. This ageless thing, this timeless Soul Collector was her love TA. "How could you do that? Kill all of those people? Why?.......why my love?.....wh....y..." she trailed off and the tortured soul simply responded "It was all for you my Goddess...all for you...". With that the two figures seemed to transfer upwards towards the heavens. Leaving the survivors to pick up the pieces of what had transpired. They lost so much and learned so little. Though the threat was gone. For now.

Valhalla Ruled

Off to Valhalla they went. Assassin Of Thor closely holding his lover in his arms. As they approached the ruins of the Great Hall, he noticed her form fading from his arms. This infuriated him all the more. He had been robbed of his love for the third time in his long life. The Valkyries and warriors of Valhalla stood to defend Asgard from what they knew to be an invading force. The remaining Gods standing with the Valkyries and Warriors of Valhalla. A battle loomed though they didn't realize the power this one possessed. Two Ravens flew above almost recording the events as Aot landed on the fields of Asgard.
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His darkness carried him onwards, his loss of his beloved enraged him to the point of insanity. He would have her no matter the cost. "You line up as if a war is about to happen brothers and sisters" He called out. "You come here unannounced stranger, what is your intention in Asgard?" called out Freya the wise. "I've come to find my beloved, give her to me and I will leave this place forever!" The Assassin called back. "Who are you friend and what is the soul you seek to collect here in Asgard?" Yelled Freya from afar. "I was given no name by my mentor Thor. Only hailed as The Apprentice by the highly regarded of the Gods. I went to war for you, bled for you, suffered for you and you didn't even allow me an identity. My name is Assassin of Thor and you hold my love Niobjorg or SassMonster, give her to me NOW and I will spare you my wrath" He yelled out getting impatient. "Apprentice, you are the sworn enemy of our people. You've brought nothing but pain to us, i gift you with Flight and this is how you repay us?" The God Heimdall yelled out and Freya continued "Your last warning demon, leave Asgard NOW!" Her warning more firm now. "I'm not going anywhere Goddess until i've torn Valhalla apart to find her" The Gods and Goddesses started the trek toward the invading enemy knowing what an impossible task it would be to find one soul in millions. The being they charged toward had left Asgard in ruins and upheaval and they would end him as one on this field.

Lord Of Valhalla by hugohugo.jpg

"So be it" Murmured the Assassin and Unleashed his legions of minions on the field. He was simply too powerful now and did what he wished on the battle field. Easily dispatching Valkyrie after Valkyrie, warrior after warrior. His power continues to grow as he fights them. Collecting souls along the way and releasing them into the field of battle. Asgard stood no chance in the battle and were torn apart in a matter of a day. The survivors would be enslaved and made to serve their new Master. The Gods he would have entertain him while the Valkyries he would have wash his feet and bring him wine, feed him meats and breads and make great feasts for him. He had conquered Asgard and took the throne of Valhalla proclaiming himself "Lord of Valhalla". Taking in the trinkets from Gods past. Two ravens Huginn and Muninn belonging to Odin, who fly around Earth daily and report the happenings of the world now to The Lord Of Valhalla. Mjöllnir from the Thunder God himself. Gungnir, Odin's magical spear. Gjallarhorn, the horn belonging to Heimdall along with taking over the Norse dwarves and enslaving Eitri and Brokkr charging them to make him beautiful and powerful weapons. To Freya he charged with Finding the soul of his beloved.

For years Dark Valhalla was ruled with an iron fist and the punishment for betrayal and disobedience was banishment to the underground realm Hel. Freya would search hour upon hour to find the soul her lord seeked and was whipped publicly daily for her insolence. It was on the 8th year of his rule when the Goddess Freya came upon the soul deep in the wells of Valhalla. A lone and frightened thing the soul was, with her determination in tact. Strong will is all she held on to along with the certainty that her Mikel would find her and release her from the well. Niobjorg held firm to Freya as she pulled her through the abyss and into the Halls of Valhalla.

The Dark Lord, upon seeing his beloved, jumped from his throne grabbing her up. His demeanor instantly going to gentleness, his facial expression softened with concern. As the two embraced, the skies over Asgard cleared, the redish hue turning to golden sun and bright blue skies. The cool breeze returned and the scorching heat turned to gentle warmth. The enslaved souls released from cature, nearly invisible entities flowed from the body of the Dark Lord and ascended into the air finding their ways back. The throne room filled with Gods and Goddesses cheering and openly weeping at the change happening around them. Freya's face, that of confusion, relief and a trace of anger toward the Apprentice, called for the Valkyries to take up their former charge and gaurd the gates of Asgard until further notice. For Mikel and Niobjorg, nothing existed in that moment. All was calm and peaceful as they held tight to each other and cried the tears of ages. They were together at last.

Mikel, finding his heart again, showed shame in the face of the powerful entities gathered around him. Holding tightly to his beloved he cried out not just for the glorious reunion but for the pain he had brought to Asgardians and to Midgard itself. He spoke out to the ones gathered unable to look them in the eye. "I have brought disgrace to your land, to the house of Odin, to the halls of Thor. I relinquish my rein over Asgard to the one who would have it. I am unworthy of such an honor. Do with me what you will, I have no better words"

"When I searched through the Abyss by your call, know that I was searching for the true ruler of Asgard, my lord Óðinn" Freya lashed out and then continued "My hope was not for peace such as this but for Óðinn to set you right and take his rightful throne! I failed countless times to my task, Þórr was not to be found by my hands as well. I fear they are lost to us for all times and that is YOUR doing Apprentice" the Goddess scowled.

"He should be bound such as Fenrir, too dangerous to let roam the 9 worlds and too powerful to extinguish" Freya said a little softer then before, tears showing in her eyes. Clearly undecisive about her words and wounded by Mikels deeds.

"The throne of Asgard falls to me" A deep and disgruntled voice spoke up loud and strong as Víðarr(Vidar) continued " My father Óðinn died a beggars death at the hands of the trickster, my vengeance stolen from me by this half blood, I will take the throne and challenge any who oppose. I have business with this Mikel"

"The throne is yours Vidar though your challenge is reckless, Mikel deserves a chance to right his wrongs, it's how your father would have wanted it" spoke the noble Forseti who continued "This man was fooled by the Trickster for his entire life. We were all fool by Lokie's deeds" "Give him his life but restrict his immense power if it be possible" cried the Goddess Gersemi" "No restriction is possible to the power of this one, his power grows still and it remains a mystery" spoke the wise Heimdall.

Then the halls filled with voices in conversation, each having their opinion and each passionate about the result. Suddenly Forseti bellowed out " Let us ask the Norns what this being's path is, their words shall be the way of things to be" " Agreed" Heimdall called out "To the Norns!!"

"Come with me Aesir, and hear your fate told to you" Heimdall spoke softly as he offered his hand to help Mikel to his feet. The large crowd of Deities made their way to the holy well Urðarbrunnr near the World tree Yggdrasil in search of the Norns. Finally in what seemed to be hours to Mikel and Niobjorg, they came upon Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld making mud from the water of Urðr and the sand around it. Pouring it over the branches of Yggdrasil.

"His fate is his own great ones" Called out Urðr as the large crowd approached. "His future is still to be written" continued Verðandi "He has a path that is greater then your heart can fathom at the moment great ones" ended Skuld.

"So we are to release this half blood? Into the nine worlds yet again? How can this be so?" spoke the stern Víðarr. "He has disgraced the house of Odin, Slain the great Thor by his own hands, brought war upon Asgard and Midgard, he ruled Asgard in a viscious manner. Surely his fate has punishment"

"He is his own punishment my lord Vidar" said Verðandi and she continued "His heart is heavy and his sorrow immense at the loss of his master, the caos he is responsible for, let us consult on the matter" With that the 3 great Norns retreated to their Hall. A full day would pass as the Gods and Goddesses awaited their final word on the matter. Mikel and Niobjorg would hold onto each other, Mikel whispering doubts that he could possible redeem such acts in the eyes of Asgard or Midgard. Niobjorg trying to convince him that redemption is within him if he were to take it.

Finally out came the Norns with a heaviness to their step and stern look about their faces. "Mikel of Mjöll and Gormr of Ålesund, is charged to carry on the deeds of his former master Þórr. His path is undeniable and you will give him the space needed to carry out his tasks. Furthermore the ravens Huginn and Muninn will accompany him in his journeys, guiding him to his path through Midgard. When he sleeps, he will adjourn to Asgard where he will help rebuild it to it's former glory. He will also have Sleipnir to speed his journey over Bifröst, Gungnir to help him fight the evil of the nine worlds. Finally Mikel will rule over Valhalla in his masters stead. Charged with keeping the balance between the worlds and bringing Jusice to the mortals, this is absolute, it is written in his destiny" Spoke the eldest Norn Urðr.

"This is an outrage! You take my birthright from me? My fathers artifacts and belongings still? How dare you! I defy destiny!" scowled Vidar as the Norns disappeared into the hall. "The words have been spoken, the truth told, so shall it be so" Heimdall said as the crowd began to disperse. Men and Gods alike are bound by the pronouncements of these Norns. Though Vidar could not fathom it, he stomped off accepting it but yelling to Mikel as he did "Our paths meet with bloodshed halfblood, remember me!"

A solemn time emerged thereafter giving way to a more peaceful time in Asgard. Under the rule of Vidar, Asgard flourished. The great halls of Valhalla were rebuilt. The great wall surrounding Asgard was finished. Mikel attempted to make right by Freya and the Valkyries were set back to their duties to bring the fallen warriors home to Valhalla. The Gods and Goddesses were released to their former positions. The fields were open once again to ample crops. The great halls of Asgard shined golden as they once were. A journey taken by Mikel alone led him to The Mountains of Ivaldi to find Eitri and Brokkr. He would bestow to them all the beautiful and powerful weapons that they made for him. Often times spending days in the mountains helping the Dwarves rebuild. When he wasn't visiting the Dwarves, Mikel would be found in his room for days and nights on end, Niobjorg by his side.

Over the next 3 years the gentle talks with Niobjorg led him to believe redemption was possible. He could regain his former self by carrying out the work his mentor charged him with centuries before. This led to many outings from the powerful one. Seeking out evil where it hides over the great plains and realms, into Midgard and the mountains in Asgard. There was a separation between the two during this time that was immaculate, they would meet up in Midgard from time to time. Her as an old crone and him in disguise under robe. Once again he exposed his skin and face and became entranced with Nio everytime they met. It was like falling in love over and over for them.


Millennium City

This world was much like that of Paragon City. Super beings fighting the evil that resounded throughout. Heroes forcing the threats out of the cities, here The apprentice would once again reclaim the name of Thor's Assassin. Taking up arms with the superheroes and fighting alongside them. The challenges were remedial for
Jw ThorsAssassinQuick.jpg
him though. The monsters that dwell there were no match for his now immense power. A master of lightning and weather. Gifted with flight, invulnerability, regeneration. Once again he wielded his broadswords agaist the enemy and it felt good to him to take up his old charge.

One by one the arch villains of this land fell to the hands of the great TA. Medusa, Takofanes, Armadillo, Kigatilik and Kevin Poe were eager to get the drop on him and tried everything they could but even with the element of surprise, they were easily dispatched. His greatest foe in this land turned out to be himself. In the World known as Snake Gulch he came to a place where he must face himself. His reflection showed him as the Assassin of Thor and the sands of the Gulch deceived him. In the abandoned warehouse on the outer stretches he found his enemy and faced him down. A great Battle between him and Aot ensued. TA had to use everything he had learned in the centuries of his existence to overthrow the demon. Swarms of minions attacked him as the demon sat back and shot electricity into the fray. Though with all the glamor and light show, TA was victorious and used his victory to continue his quest for redemption.

His life was missions and quests and trips to Midgard to visit his beloved. He was regaining his former self.


-To be announced at a future date-

"Come my love, redemption awaits..."

Powers and Vulnerabilities.gif

TA Version One by CB.jpg

- Able to regenerate wounds inflicted in Battle
-Power is doubled when he weilds the Nemesis Staff
- Can withstand the full direct blast of a nuclear bomb when he wears his armor

- Has the strength of a thousand men (Super Strength)
- Able to control electricity in any form (master of electricity)
- Able to fly at a top speed of 850 mph
- Can call minions from the realms of Valhalla to fight for him
- Able to travel through the clouds while in electric form - Able to move through the realms with strength of will
- Able to summon Dark Miasma from the netherworlds and manipulate it in any form
- Can fly through space not needing to breathe and go without food and water for months at a time

- TA is susceptible to psionics and mental manipulation
- His soul link Niobjorg is detrimental to his existence as a sane being
- It is unknown how powerful Thor's Assassin really is and believed that once his powers reach a certain point they will consume him

Personality and Traits.gif

- TA is cocky and sure of himself. Having no fear when a battle calls
- When dealing with his peers he is a kind soul. Willing to help out.
- TA uses the elements around him to control a situation

- In love he is compassionate to people around him, firm with people he dislikes and protective of those he cares about.
- Thor's Assassin is not above dealing the final blow in a fight of necessity. When faced with a tough foe he will do whatever it takes to remove the threat. Sometimes going into a berserker rage.

- Without his beloved he is fueled by rage, determined to get her back at whatever cost.


- His armor is magical and indestructable. Crafted by Eitri and Brokkr and forged of the same material as the legendary Mjöllnir
- His suit has wires that follow underneath to carry the current to it's destination
- His visor helps him see great distances and to see at night.

- The large boots help his balance
- The belt he wears carries a gift from his Niobjorg. A jewel found in the great lakes of Asgard.
- His Shoulder spikes are a homage to his human existance

- The cape carries the symbol of his village town in Norway


: Is Thor's Assassin the guy who kills Thor or the guy who works for Thor?

: The answer is both. He starts out being the right hand man of Thor. Helping him in many quests to bring Justice to the innocents.

: Is TA and Sass Married?

: No. Not as of yet anyways. They are however soul linked and find each other through each life.

: How many pieces of art have you collected for your characters?

: Well the answer to that is 600 in the ole gallery. 89 pieces that you would never see. So altogether 689 pieces.

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